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That's right folks!!! John Thomas proposed!!! I'm sooo happy!!! Life just keeps getting better =)

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So it has [once again] been forever!!

so here is a SHORT, SHORT, SHORT, SHORT, SHORT summary...of my life so far...

School's going pretty good! Being a senior rocks...although I'm totally ready to graduate.Softball season started. During the Lufkin/Hudson tournament I had to go to the ER because a ball hit my pinky and split the webbing of my fingers (long story...pretty gruesome...). I had to wear a big gaudy cast on my hand/arm for a week and a half, and I had to learn how to write and go about life with only my left hand. I was able to get my stitches out in time to start district and to compete in solo and ensemble. Which my ensemble received a 1 so we are going to state. I still have a scar...but it's a good story. It's spring break now. I'm still with John, and every day is better than the last. I've been accepted to Sam Houston and will be going there in the fall!

that's about all I feel like typing

Been a while...such an obvious title it's been even longer! I've decided that I'm probably not going to white in here very often...(not like anyone reads this anyway) because I am pretty busy. However I do get on everyday and read all of my friends journals and all that Jazz...but if you're wondering Several things have been taking up my summer so far:

1. First of all I met a wonderful guy name John! We are like so similair! It's crazy, I LOVE IT!! He lives kinda far away though so I really only get to see him on the weekends...but despite that I've been spending tons of time with him! And I couldn't been happier!

2. I am Co-Coaching a Summer league softball team. It's a lot of fun, and seeing as I am too old to play this year, I figured it would be fun to help coach a team. And it has been =) We are going to huh!

3. I am taking college courses. Just as gay as it sounds....haha! Seriously though, the classes are pretty easy and I am getting college and high school credits and the class is only a month long! I will be finished in July

I guess that's really it so far...but this summer is turning out to be really great!

Until then, Keep waiting

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self realization blog? perhaps!...or just some mad ramblings...

So...I'm going to try to post here much more.

School has been becomming quite tedious lately...and I have been quite the procanstinater lately. I have also been daydreaming a lot. Maybe I'm depressed...I feel like I've been "wishing my life away." I don't feel like I used to. Everyday just seems as though I'm waiting for the next. Maybe everything will change once summer comes. I have a car I wont be so deprived from friends.

I'm also too timid sometimes...I need to be more of a leader...and take things into my own hands when it comes to dealing with people. Maybe I worry too much about looking stupid even when I know that to myself it doesn't matter.

I am not ready for the any aspect of my life. I feel so alone...but at the same time I feel like there are people in my way...maybe i'm just confused...I am really scared to college...I don't want to be a failure...maybe that is what is holding me back...maybe I'm so worried about failing that I don't want to try. Sometimes I feel like i'm completely independent...but when I look back at myself I realize in a way I'm still clining on to the pant legs of my parents.

I feel like I haven't been getting enough sleep. I know I have..but I don't feel like it. I am so tired lately...maybe it's just stress...

In English class the other day mrs. Kantor said something...that totally threw me off... She was telling us how one of her students in Mexia wanted to drop out of the class because they felt like they weren't as good of a writer as everyone else. That is how I feel...On one hand I wanna stay in the class and get the credits so I don't have to take any english in college...but at the same time...(not out of laziness) I want to drop the class because I really don't feel that I am a good writer. I know I have good ideas...but I just don't know how to put them on paper. And i couldn't use a comma in the right spot to save my life. I am the equivilent to a kid in band who is tone deaf(we get a lot of those...suprisingly). I am writing blind and I am not getting better.

Prom is in two hopefully that will be a lot of fun, and maybe I'll be able to have a rest from the stress I have been feeling lately.

Well, I guess that's it for now.

Until then, keep waiting

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update in yo face.....HOW'S IT TASTE?!

Well, Softball is over....which is really depressing to I wont have any thing to do after's going to be really weird at first...but I suppose I will get over it. I wont have any thing to dooooo....AHHH! I do have summer league to look forward to though...I am going to be an assistant coach (I'm too old to play *teer*) that should be neat. and Prom is on Saturday! That will be fun! plus my dress is AWESOME! I'll have pictures up sometime next week most!

last night I watched Children of Men with my family....THAT IS A GREAT MOVIE and I recommend to everyone to watch it!!!

I guess this is it...

-Brenna front yard no longer looks like a jungle! YES!!! Andy mowed our lawn and me and my mom cleared all the brush looks GREAT!
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I'm late, I'm late for a very important UPDATE!!

Hello, I'm figured I'd have to reiterate that seeing as I haven't posted on here in....FOREVER!

here's some cool up to date facts about me:

-+-I am now officially 17 as of April 10, 2007-+-

-+-I have been making A's in Statistics! YES!-+-

-+-I HAVE A CAR! AND IT IS HOTTT! It's a Black 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse (Bradley nicknamed it the BLACK NAPKIN...inside joke..)-+-

-+-I am almost through with my JUNIOR YEAR! HECK YES! cause it's super lame-+-

-+-For marching season next year we are playing a rock themed show, including one of my favorite songs Rock Lobster by the B52's(I LOVE THEM!)-+-

more to come later...

Until then, keep waiting
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summary and somewhat summery

So i am going to give a possibly brief summary of what has been going on with me in the last few months.

First of all, the preview channel on our local cable station is playing metal music! now, I can watch that for hours looking for something good to watch listening to something good!

for the Somewhat summery part, here is the weather forecast for today in Teague

Temperature 77°F
Humidity 95%

shoot me now!

EWWWWWWWWW! I want WINTER! ahhhggg!

let's see well, I got to go to an awesome concert for Halloween! It was just a local one but it was pretty cool!

I also got inducted in the National Honor Society, as well as the Spanish Honor Society! and I just got my class ring, and it's beautiful!

I also joined the Prose Interpretation team for UIL, I really get nervous speaking in front of people, but I really think this might help with that! One of the peices that I will be reading is called In my hands by Irene Gut Opdyke, and it is an amazing story! She was a Polish girl during the Holocost and escaped getting sent to a concentration camp, and risked her life to save many people! it is truly an amazing story! I recomend this story to EVERYONE!

and, just recently I was able to see my FAVORITE comedian, Demetri Martin, preform in dallas, and I also got to meet him


I am finally finished with my college courses 'till next semester starting Jan 14th. and Monday might be my last day of school if I am exempt of all my final exams!

That's all I can remember right now...I might edit it later with some pictures or something

oh, and check the new background that I's pretty tight!

Until then, keep waiting!


PS I just cannot get over how much I love gooooaaattss! yeah, hehe...check out my mood, and look at that goat, hehehehe!
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lawl's been and will be a while!

So, it's been months since I've updated thanks to my hefty school load!


I have 2 college classes and a challenge history class that is even harder than both college classes combined. and it's football season...and I'm in band so every friday night I am at the games... I'm still having a hard time adjusting to this lifestyle. L-O-L! Every single night I have homework. I really miss being a sophmore...

I barely ever have time to do anything any more...I haven't seen my best friend in like a month, and I have been very stressed out.

It's almost time for Christmas Break though, so...maybe I'll be caught up then. har har har...

Rachel Ray's on tv...she makes me feel better...

Well...I better go, cause I have tons of Trigonometry homework (ohhh boy...)


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update on hotness:

still hot, sooooooo I'm going down to my Uncle's house, so I'll actually sleep for more than 3 hours ;) got his AC on it should be quite nice! He's in Virginia right shall steal the cool air!

you know how the heat makes people all angry and stressed...yeah...I just about hulk smashed my tv today.

Approxamitly 7 hours to go!!


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14 hours and 18 minutes...

AC - 17
Brenna - 0's about to get her nails done..and so I'm going to accompany her and sit in the nice air conditioned nail shop!

chyeah...that's's hot